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Question: Can a unit leader sign into the Trail’s End App with their unit leader account?

Answer: The app is a point-of-sale application for Scouts to use while taking orders for popcorn. Only Scout accounts registered through the app or at can sign into the app. Unit leaders will manage their unit’s sale through the unit portal at If you need unit leader access to the, complete the registration for your unit here.

Question: Does a family need a separate Trail’s End Scout account for each Scout?

Answer: Yes. Each Scout needs their own Trail’s End account so their sales can be tracked individually in the Trail’s End system.

Question: Can the same email address be used for multiple Trail’s End accounts?

Answer: Yes. 

Question: What do we do if a Scouts sells with the paper order form?

Answer: If Scouts sell with the paper order form, it is most likely because they do not have access to a data-enabled mobile device for door-to-door selling. Scouts can enter their orders afterward at home in the Trail’s End App, or through the Scout web portal at

Question: How does the Trail’s End System automatically allocate storefront sales credit for Scouts?

Answer: There are preset options for allocating storefront sales:

  • Scouts will receive credit for each sale recorded.
  • Sales will be split between all Scouts registered for the storefront shift, regardless of the Scout that records the sale.
  • Sales will be split among Scouts that work each at a given storefront that day. Based on the amount of time the Scout is registered to work at the store, the system will divide the total sales for the day by number of Scout hours, and Scouts will receive sales credit based on the stores hourly rate.

If your unit allocates storefront sales credit differently, each Scout’s total sales can be adjusted at any time to account for differences.

Question: How do we handle cash donations in the Trail’s End App?

Answer: The App has the two standard Military Donation product levels, as well as a new product field for Misc. Military Donations. Misc. Military Donations can be entered as they are received (any amount can be entered), or they can be entered as a lump sum at the end of the shift/day. When you place your final popcorn order, you can order Military Donations to the exact dollar (example: $832).

Question: Can I bulk upload/import names and emails instead of typing one-by-one?

Answer: Not at this time. We are looking into this functionality in the future but at this time they will need to be entered manually. We recommend copying and pasting from an existing document you may have.

Question: Can Scouts take credit card payments without a Square reader?

Answer: Yes, they can manually enter credit card info, and credit card processing is still free!

Question: Can you change your storefront split method or is it final?

Answer: You can change your storefront split method at any time. Please note that when you change it, all previous sales will be adjusted to match that split selection.

Question: If there are multiple Scouts working a storefront shift, how do they record their sales?

Answer: It depends how you have storefront sales split. If they are split by shift, all of those Scouts will get equal credit for all of the sales made during that shift, even if the sales are recorded through one account.

Question: How do Scout storefront hours get recorded/calculated? Can we edit that as a unit leader if someone doesn’t show up?

Answer: Scout hours are calculated based off shift registrations. You can add and remove Scouts from shifts to manage those hours, or you can adjust their total sales, but you cannot directly edit hours.

Question: What is the difference between Wagon Sales and other sales?

Answer: Wagon Sales is the term we use to describe all sales that are not from a storefront and not an online sale. This includes door to door (with and without product), friends, family, and business sales. Wagon Sales can be marked delivered or undelivered (Take Order) depending on whether or not you have product on hand.

Question: Will the Scout Roster from last year (2018) be carried over to this year (2019)?

Answer: Yes, but only if those Scouts had online selling accounts last year. You can use the “Invite a Scout” feature to invite additional Scouts to create their accounts.

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